Welcome to Sanaabil Learning Service

Sanaabil Learning Service is an educational Institute offering quran, Islamic studies and number of other classes for students over 6 years. The programs provide an opportunity to help build young Muslim identity and continues to polish them throughout the school years. Our students become the future positive representatives for the community. With the help of Allah, Sanaabil school produced children who memorized the Holly Quran.

Important Note!

  • First Day of Dugsi: June/24/2018

    Eid Celebration will be on Saturday June/23/2018, at 9:00 am at Battle Creek Receration Center.

    Summer Dugsi program: July/3/2018

    End of program: Thursday August/30/2018
    Competition: Begins Sept/1/2018

Annual Sanaabil Competition

Sanaabil Learning Service will have the 5th annual group competition for islamic studies, dua and fiqh.  All students over the age of 7 are required to participate.  The competition will last two weeks, on October 2017.   The top three groups will be awarded with prices.

1st place Students

2nd place students

3rd place students