Parent Requirements

To ensure that a healthy intellectual environment is maintained and children’s time at madrasa is spent productively, the Madrasa Administration has laid down the following rules and regulations for parent to abide by.

  • School starts at 8:15 AM sharp, and parent are expected to drop off their children on time.
  • Parents are required to pickup their children at 12:30.  During winter, parent and children are encouraged to pray in the mosque.
  • If picking up your child early from class, please discuss it with the teachers and get permission.
  • Parents are encouraged to volunteer.
  • Absence due to any external, school or other activity will not be permitted without prior approval.
  • It’s the parent’s responsibility to ensure their children complete all their homework.
  • If your child does not complete his/her homework or does not adhere to the disciplinary code, then this may result in detention for the child. On such occasions parents must be co-operative.
  • All parents are responsible for paying the appropriate fees on time.
  • The school should be treated like any other formal Islamic or public school with regard to punctuality. Only those requests for absence will be granted.
  • Sanaabil management and committee has the right to alter or amend the rules and regulations as necessary.