Student Requirements

To ensure that a healthy intellectual environment is maintained and children’s time at school is spent productively, the Sanaabil Administration has laid down the following rules and regulations for children to abide by. Please read the regulations and explain them to the children.

  • Attend school daily and come on time by 8:15 AM.
  • The school dress code must be followed. Teachers will inform the students the dress code.
  • During passing period you must move quickly and quietly to your next class.
  • Be prepared to learn by bringing your notebook, pencils and required textbooks.
  • Do your homework nightly and come to class prepared.
  • No child will be allowed to leave the school early unless there is a valid reason expressed with the principle.
  • Do not engage in physical, verbal violence or talking during classes. There will be consequences if caught in any of these behavior.
  • Children are expected to place their shoes properly on the shoe rack.
  • In winter, children are expected to hang their coats/jackets.  students should ask for help when necessary.