Summer 2018

Sanaabil Learning Service offers Summer program for its students.  On the summer of 2018, the students were taught tawheed, tajweed and tahara.  Please click the tawheed or the tahara topics for more information on the specific topics taught each week.

Week 1

*Definition of Tahara

*What does Najasa prevent you from doing?

*What animals are Najasa?

*What is Ebadah?

*What is considered Najasa?

Week 2

*Can you be Tahir when your clothes are dirty?

*Not all Ebadah required Tahara

* The main tool to remove Najasa is water

*7 kinds of Tahara water

*Before using chemicals use water to purify your Najasa clothes

*How to check for Najasa

*4 Types of water

Week 3

*Water Mushmas

*Water Tahoor

*What is used water?

       *can you use it

*What is Najasa water?

        *what can’t it do?

Week 4

*Al Dibaq



Week 5

*After Birth Shower

*Is wudu Cibadah?

*The difference between the muslims and non-muslims

Week 6

*Wudu requirements

Week 7

*The sunnah of wudu

*Rules of tayamum

*Things that break the wudu

  Week 1

*Origins of the word Tawheed

*Allah has no equal

*Everything has an origin

*How we know Allah

Week 2


           *Creator does not look like his creations

           *is limitless

           *has no beginning or end

*humans have voice


Week 3

*Allah’s qualities

*Qualities we share


Week 4

*Allah is beyond imagination

*Base of Cibadah

*Grammar as in we for when Allah mentions himself

Week 5

*Qualities of Munafiq


*Destiny of the munafiq

Week 6

*Cutting off Tawheed

*No good relationship with Allah

Week 7

*Haram things Allah forbid

*Zodiac signs which are shirk

*Evil Eye things for example necklaces and bracelets